DIFF JAMES {gold + blue light lens}

$ 60.00 $ 75.00

Introducing the James. With it’s intricate metal frame and Blue Light Technology, filtering out the damage of blue light has never looked so good. 

Blue light, or HEV light, has always been around us, but the more we're in front of screens, the more we expose ourselves to its damaging effects. Strong blue light waves are emitted from our cell phones, laptops, TV screens, LED lighting and tablets. Our blue light blocking technology diffuses harmful rays.

Designer stainless steel frames featuring 3-barrel hinges and custom adjustable nose pads.

Premium scratch resistant nylon lenses with backside anti reflective coating.

Blue light lens technology that blocks 30% of HEV light

For every pair of glasses sold, we donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.

Frame 50mm Width; 19mm Bridge; 140mm Temple Length

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